Once you have the confidence to perform  a trick you should first show it  to a family member or friend, There are pitfalls to this, we offer the following advice
Your family and friends know you don’t have magical powers. You are just a normal person to them and now suddenly you are showing them something amazing that they can’t explain. At first this will evoke certain responses within your friends. Immediately it will make them feel like you have just out smarted them, this can be fun to play with but it is very easy to let your ego go over the top which will leave you open to a big fall should they figure something out or pressure you till you crack next time you perform something. It will be hard for your friends to take you seriously, although they will most likely be excited about seeing magic each time the see you.   So how do you deal with this? Try not to present your magic as a challenge. Take the approach of, ‘I learnt something cool this week, would you like to see?’ Try to focus on how interesting the magic is, and get them in the frame of mind that it is amazing and their attention will shift to a ‘just let it happen’ attitude rather than a ‘you watch his hands and we’ll figure this out together’ approach. Let them know it is a bit of fun and it isn’t to be taken too seriously. You will have a certain amount of ‘I know something you don’t know’ about your performance, otherwise it wouldn’t be deemed as magic. It is how you deal with this that will determine how much your friends relax, watch and enjoy the magic tricks as opposed to being on edge, not really watching and not treating it as fun because they are just trying to figure out what you are doing. Choose tricks that don’t have a ‘challenge’ or ‘bet’ theme. Make something else the source of the magic.  Have the magic come from another source, such as a special coin, a box, a wand or candle. Don’t change your personality while performing. They know you are not a mystic from the far east, or a southern states hustler. Be yourself. Don’t hog the limelight. Make sure you pick the right times to show your magic. Your family and friends are not a paying audience that have chosen to watch you. Show them your stuff, then they are happy to see it. Be honest. Don’t compliment a friend on  their ring or their watch, then go into a trick. They may have enjoyed the compliment, then found it was just a lead in to a trick and feel a little cheated.
An Introduction to Magic