These questions are something that you will have to deal. Every person who begins showing magic will be asked to, ‘do another one!’ This can be particularly problematic as some gimmicks make you look like you can do amazing magic with anything, however the gimmick may only be tailored to one trick. The best advice we can give in this situation is to practice your magic tricks well so you are comfortable with them and be sure to let your friends know you are only showing them one or possibly a couple of magic tricks. There is no harm in saying at the beginning, ‘I have a couple of new magical things to show you, do you want to see them? There’s only two but I am sure you are going to love them!!’ This directly says that you have two tricks to show and that is all, yet it hasn’t weakened your performance at all, in fact it only helps to give you the control you need in that situation. Explain that your magic takes a LONG TIME to master, and you will only show them, magic when it’s totally ready.
With new tricks it is important to practice them properly and give them the time they deserve, we all have tricks that we don’t feel comfortable with because somebody maybe figured the method out one time or maybe there is a move that hasn’t  been practiced enough and it resulted in a flash mid performance. The discomfort here can easily be attributed to the trick, but usually (if you are honest with yourself) it comes from a lack of practice, and isn’t necessarily a fault with the effect. Keep your magic fresh for your friends but don’t compromise on the integrity of your performance
If a new trick isn’t ready to show just tell your friends you are working on something that will blow their minds and it will be worth the wait