Friends at first have a tendency to grab at everything, they’ll want to shuffle the cards at all the wrong times, or they’ll want to examine the coin really closely if you have just bitten a chunk out of it. They’ll grab your sleeves if you vanish something and they will test you with other objects, ‘hey Magicman, can you vanish this coin or this cigarette now??’ Hey, magic man, can you vanish this coin or this bottle now??’ This is inevitable, it’s the curious nature of us as human beings. What you need to do is decide how you want to play this. If you only want to perform a few effects that are examinable at the beginning and end then you can be fairly free to let them examine things that is ok. The problem is that the more you show these effects the more they will zone in on times when you cannot let them see everything. If your approach to letting them touch your props is open then a question at the wrong time, ‘can I look at the coins now?’ can really make you feel uncomfortable and highlight weaknesses in your effect, this is not how you want to feel when performing. You need to keep control. The more you let spectators look at your props, the more control you are handing over to them. If you ‘own’ your performance and take control, simple actions like placing people where you want them at the beginning, structuring your patter so you are engaging, knowing your tricks back to front, will help to subconsciously suggest where the limits are to your spectators. This will immediately make some people just relax and watch It may only be the real tough cookies that still challenge you and in this case you will have won over pretty much the whole crowd and more often than not they will help you deal with the tough spectator by telling him/her to just leave you alone. Not letting them examine everything can strengthen a performance rather than be seen as a weakness in the effect.“
How do you deal with prop grabbers