Don’t force your magic on your friends. Never reveal even one secret. Don’t show ‘unpracticed’ material. Don’t play the magic down. Never repeat a trick to the same person Don’t say you got it from a magic shop. Accept constructive feedback
Quick Tips
Performing for your family and friends can be very rewarding. Magic is a great hobby and can become a life long obsession. Showing a trick, leads people to want more, and spurs you on to keep learning. However, to develop further, you will need to take the next step and perform for the public. The dynamics are quite different. There are many places you can get experience of public performance. Charity events, residential homes, local school events are all great places to approach to see if they would like you to entertain them for free. You help your community and get valuable experience in the process.
The Next Step
Buying Magic
When choosing a magic trick, try not to think about the method of the trick initially. First think about what the ‘story’ of the trick is for the spectators. Ask yourself if this ‘story’ or as it’s often called in the magic community, it’s ‘effect’ would fit with your style, be amazing, and more importantly be entertaining.  A magic trick can have an incredibly clever method. One that other magicians will be really impressed to see. The ‘method’ is stunning, but the ‘effect’ is dull to laypeople, its plot is not direct and simple. Choose the magic tricks you want to spend your precious practice time on carefully, taking into account who your audience will be.