Being the center of attention
This is something that will happen naturally when beginning to show magic. Maybe you are someone who is naturally outgoing and an extrovert at heart so this will be second nature. If that’s the case GREAT, go forth and attract as much attention as you can with your magic!! But then maybe you are not, maybe you are fascinated by magic yet shy in public, or just a regular person with only a little shyness but also no desire to be the center of attention in a normal setting, how do you deal with this spotlight when it’s on you? It can be overwhelming when you are surrounded by people and everyone wants to see what is going on. It’s important to remember that the reason they are watching you in the first place is that they are interested in what you are doing. This is a positive thing and should be seen as that, use it to your advantage. They are here to listen to you and to be entertained by you. If there are too many people around you and you are worried about angles, ask them to back up a bit and maybe let some of the people at the back of the group know you will go over and show it to them close up in a minute, a simple phrase like: ‘Everyone, thank you for being interested, but this looks much better close up, I tell you what, if you tell me where you are sitting I’ll come over and show you all in a minute’ A lot of people will feel pleased about that, they will feel like seeing it up close will give them more chance of figuring it out or just a better viewing of the trick when it may actually help you out by moving them from a bad angle.
There is a lot of pressure in this situation but the pay off can be huge and intensely gratifying, a huge round of applause, screams and shouts, expletives being blurted out or just stunned silence can feel amazing when it is directed at you so when you feel the pressure turn it into excitement for the reaction you will get, as long as you keep control you will have a blast, just remember this! How Not To Spill The Beans When you first show magic to your friends the immediate response will be that they want you to share the secret, you share other information with your friends all the time, why would this be any different? But DON’T!! A lot of your friends will be unaware that you have practiced hard behind closed doors to produce this result, as one day you were just standard old Joe Bloggs and now suddenly you are Mr Man of Mystery! The change to them is instantaneous and they are unaware of all effort you have put into learning these amazing magic tricks. Ben