Avoid these magic tricks for magicians If you want to make your magic more commercial and entertaining, avoid the following: Magic tricks that have overly complicated plots. Magic tricks that require the spectators to remember more than one thing at a time. Tricks that force the audience to pay close attention though several stages of the plot. Save those types of tricks for your ‘magic friends’. Complicated tricks are not ‘bad’ in and of themselves, but it’s important to choose the right type of trick for the people who will be watching it. Do you want to be studying close up magic or to become a magician? The two options are actually quite different, but their paths both lead through the doors of a magic shop, so people can often end up switching to the wrong path along the way. Magicians are made one trick at a time. I recommend you choose a magic trick because it looks amazing and because you feel it would suit you. Then learn it and study any sleights needed to perform it perfectly. If it uses only gimmicks great. If it uses hardcore sleight of hand that’s great too.  The world’s top magicians only care about how amazing and entertaining their magic trick looks, not the method. If fact, they work hard to find a method that is as easy and direct as possible Knowing lots of sleights and techniques doesn’t make you a magician, it makes you an encyclopedia. What makes a surgeon?  Would you call a surgeon a fraud for using the latest medical equipment? Should he or she insist on only using a scalpel and a piece of wood for the patient to bite down on? No, quite the opposite. I want my hospital to use every piece of the latest equipment possible to get the job done as well as possible. The surgeon’s job is to fix people. Your job as a magician is to amaze and entertain people. It’s the end result that defines the job title. I'm going to let you into a little secret. This is a technique professional magicians use when they wade through all the new magic releases, to pick out the gems. When selecting magic tricks to perform to the public, there are several factors that will guarantee you great reactions. Three of these factors are: