Will the trick produce a strong visual image? Does the trick cause an emotional reaction? Can the magic happen in the spectator's hands? We all collect magic tricks that we like to learn and perform, but that's not the same as the much harder process of picking a small selection of tricks worthy of a position in your 'working set' Asking yourself questions like this when choosing magic tricks can help you identify the 'workers' from the tricks designed to entertain only magicians.     What magical powers would you like to have? Definition of magician noun a person with magical powers. a person who performs magic tricks for entertainment.                                                                     From Oxford Dictionaries I couldn’t find any reference to a person that knows lots of magic techniques and moves in the definition anywhere. Only someone with magical powers and someone who entertains with them. Instead of collecting moves and sleights in an endless cycle of studying close up magic in general, decide what magical powers you would like to have. Do you want to be able to fly? Would you like to be able to read peoples minds? How about being able to move objects just by wishing it? Go ahead and choose your powers, then search for magic tricks that would show those powers to your audience in the most entertaining way possible. Once you have that, you can then learn the methods to allow you to perform just those tricks only. That’s one of the real secrets of magic. The new magic tricks you have ordered have finally arrived! That package is just waiting to be ripped open and it’s secrets consumed! You play with the props and have a go at working out how the trick is done, then settle down to read or watch