Module One  - Easy Tricks to get you going
Your first trick and performance “The Piano Trick” Click Here to view the trick and explanation All you need is a pack of cards, watch the video, then try to work out why this trick works, Try composing a script with a story to accompany this trick. If you can make a video of yourself performing this to a friend. We would love to see your first attempt. post it on the “Learn Magic” facebook page,
The following links take you to the Performances and instructions
Download the Magic Book. On page 51 a good trick easy to do and learn. The tip of the tongue a comedy card trick, this demonstrates how a magician can embellish a trick with bits of business and patter The Vain Card on page 64 is easy to do and effective Mojo, the disappearing coffee trick is easy to master and gets great reaction. be sure to practice the trick before performing, this trick requires you to communicate with your spectators, try to think up a script that gives a reason for the coffee to disappear. Crazy Dice is a great trick to perform at a moments notice.   The Wonder Magic Stick,  Coin Thru Glass and Crystal box are all nice mini illusions that you can enjoy. Don’t think these are child’s magic, when performed with style they become  minor miracles