Module 3 Card Tricks   Essentials (Chapter 1)  (Basic Required Slights)   Basic Card Technique by Richard Kaufman  Video Download. Study and practice the card sleights in this video Click here to download   The Hunter Shuf fle.  video instructions Click Here  to download   Download THE MAGIC BOOK and study the section on sleight of hands and forcing cards.   W e have given you the full book all chapters, however do take the opportunity to register with the W onder Magic Factory promoted on the first page   If you want to dazzle people with your manipulation of cards spend a few years practicing some of Dan and Daves cardistry   The Side Steal allows total control of a single card to the top of the deck - invisibly . It doesn’t end there, use it to control a card to any position near the top or as a stunningly visual color change. a great instructional video by Jason England