Chapter T wo  Casual Easy Card T ricks
Module 3 Card Tricks
Card T ricks without skill  - PDF Download This is an early manual of tricks that need no skills to master . Browse through it and select a couple of tricks to master . perfect them and then try performing them to a friend. W e suggest you try putting on a new face number 37 or T earing a pack of cards in half number 43.
W onder Magic Deck  - Download Video instructions   This is a Sv engali deck, much underr ated b y magicians.  the task here is for y ou to in v ent y our own trick using this special deck of cards.  Y ou will need to know about how to use  other special decks such as rough and smooth cards and short cards   and in visible deck click the links to  disco v er the wa ys these decks will help y ou perform spectacular magic