Chapter Three  Professional Advanced Card T ricks
Module 3 Card Tricks
These two tricks are very effective and are used by professional magicians in their repertoire  of magic, a little harder to learn so leave tackling these until last
A spectator is then invited to shuffle the pack themselves, and the trick is repeated to reveal the second selection of an entirely different suit. Finally , the first selection transforms into the second for a startling conclusion.
If you want to get into the heavy stuff, try T riumph and T riumph again by Asi W ind   T wo spectators are asked to make separate selections- one to be placed immediately face down, the other remembered. The pack is then shuffled face-up and face-down, only to be spread moments later to show the cards have returned to normal face-down position, except for twelve like-suited cards in order! It’ s discovered that the card needed to complete the sequence is the one that’ s been on the table since the start of the effect.
This trick leaves your audience in hours of astonishment! Watch how a couple of ordinary cards magically become extraordinary. Red backed cards magically turn face up and face down. Jokers appear from nowhere. And for the big finish the backs transform to a rainbow of colors!  In some cases you will find the aces replaced by court cards’ This is a difficult trick to master and present well.  give yourself lots of practice time
Some Useful Cuts and Shuffles
Jason England  Overhand Cut Jason England   The Dead Cut Richard Kaufman  Basic Card Tec