Blind Luck and Pure Skill, the new trick by Dan Paulus, includes two of the coolest tricks! Blind Luck: A spectator freely chooses one of two decks, red or blue (not a force.) Whichever deck he chooses will be the deck he will use, the other deck will be placed aside. Our spectator reverses one card sight unseen from his chosen deck. The deck that was placed aside is now spread on the table by the spectator to find the exact same card is reversed in this deck! Now the kicker! The two cards are turned over to show that not only do they match, but each card has the back design from the opposite deck! • No sleights, no trick decks, no extra cards! • Everything seems to work in the spectator's hands! Blind Luck has fooled and impressed some very well known and knowledgeable magicians! Pure Skill: One spectator names any number between one and fifty-two. A second spectator chooses a card from a red deck. Using a blue deck, the magician shuffles only once and skillfully gets the chosen card to the chosen number! Any number can be named! As in Blind Luck no trick deck of any kind is used! Extra Bonus: The Zarro Shuffle! Expert tips and instruction for a sleight that Dan believes is the greatest false shuffle of all time
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