Bonus Trick if you buy all three modules Selling in magic shops for $120 USA     A spectator screws a nut onto a bolt about half way up and then you hold it at your fingertips. The audience can always see your empty hands. Suddenly the nut starts to rotate and unwind off the bolt and finally drops off the end. It looks like some ghostly power is unscrewing the nut and bolt. It can be done visually or under a cup or handkerchief.   Here are a few considerations:   Nothing to hide in your hands. No complicated body hook ups. Can be immediately repeated as many times as you want. Fully examinable before and after the effect. Easy battery replacement. Uses a battery commonly sold in stores worldwide.. No clothing limitation. You can wear short-sleeves. You don't even have to be wearing clothes! No switches are required. In fact, no sleight of hand is needed. No suspicious moves.   Audience themselves screw the nut onto the bolt and also you can hand the bolt and nut to them immediately after the effect.   The gimmick is self-contained WITHIN the bolt and nut yet your spectators can freely handle and examine the props. To see Micro Psychic in action is to see a modern marvel of engineering. To play with or to use Micro Psychic is to fall in love with it. It's a joy to use, to watch, and to perform. Micro Psychic may be one of the most amazing magic inventions you will see.   Create your own show with the Micro Psychic's stunning impact