The Charming Chinese Challenge
For Cruise Ships, Libraries,Schools  and Children.   Purchase your coins from the Wonder Magic Factory PDF Instructions  Free. Half Price  Coins and Shells Offer for Motivational Magic Presenters.
Troy Hooser's Charming Chinese Challenge has become a masterpiece of coin magic. Why? It's extremely visual, totally practical and very easy to do plus it resets instantly. The  Charming Chinese Challenge is absolutely the best penetration effect you've ever seen! The effect is clean and simple: Three Chinese coins are threaded onto a silk ribbon. One by one the coins visually penetrate through the ribbon. You won't believe your eyes as the coins jump both off and on the ribbon. The routine is captured during a live performance. Designed to be performed in extreme close-up conditions such as walk-around, trade shows or formal environments, Troy's routine will soon become a cornerstone of your repertoire. Even if you're not a heavy coin worker, you'll soon be able to master this fabulous routine. Each part is taught in excruciating detail, nothing is left out.  Originally published in "DesTROYers," the video contains much more information along with new handling’s never before seen. These additional methods and sequences are well worth the price of admission, but there's a lot more. With contributions from Shoot Ogawa, Apollo and Thomas Wayne, The  Charming Chinese Challenge has been taken to a new level
Troy Hooser's Charming Chinese Challenge
Working with the shells