Chop by Craig Petty $28 USA Inc Post
You will get 1 x Gimmick Sharpie 2 x Magnets 1 x Instruction  video download Description Craig Petty has finally released a routine which has been his closer for over 2 years. A signed bill and a regular cup are used to perform the most stunning 7 phase Chop Cup style routine you will ever see. To finish, a real lemon appears and the bill is visibly pushed into the lemon, leaving your hands empty. At this point the lemon can be examined before it is cut open to reveal the spectators signed bill inside - KILLER! Only one balled up note used throughout the entire Chop Cup routine Regular cup that can be examined at any time by the audience Perform moves you couldn't dream of doing with a regular Chop Cup Use any table surface or even the spectator's hand - perfect for real world conditions
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