Conjuring for Amateurs; PDF  a Practical Treatise on How to Perform Modern Tricks By PROF. ELLIS STANYON
This text contains a practical treatise on how to perform a range of baffling and entertaining magic tricks, written with the amateur in mind. Complete with clear, concise instructions and helpful illustrations, this text is ideal for the novice magician and may also be of value to those with more experience who are interested in expanding their magical repertoire The chapters of this book include: Introduction, Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Small Objects, Tricks with Coins, Tricks with Handkerchiefs, Tricks with Balls, Hat Tricks, Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks, Miscellaneous Tricks, Paper-Folding, and Concluding Observations. This antique book has been chosen for modern republication due to the timelessness of its contents. Chapter I. Introduction The Dress The Table The Servante The Wand Concluding Observations Chapter II. Principles Of Sleight Of Hand Applicable To Small Objects Palming Le Tourniquet The Finger Palm The Reverse Palm To Change a Coin Chapter III. Tricks With Coins Magical Production of a Coin The Wandering Coin A New Coin Fold Coin and Candle An Artful Conjurer The Invisible Flight Vanish for Duplicate To Pass a Coin Through the Body Swallowing Illusions Coin and Lemons The Pocket Vanish Florin v. Sixpence To Pass a Coin into an Ordinary Coin, Wine-glass, and Paper Cone Coins, Hat, and Plate The Coin in Ball of Wool To Vanish a Number of Coins in Programme and Coin Filtrated Coin The Penetrating Coin Coin in the Bottle Chapter IV. Tricks With Handkerchiefs Peregrinations of a Handkerchief Handkerchief and Candle To Vanish a Handkerchief and Produce it from your Collar To Pass a Handkerchief into the Pocket of a Spectator To Fire a Handkerchief into a Gentleman's Hair The Handkerchief Cabinet The Handkerchief Vanisher Magical Production of Handkerchiefs Colour-Changing Handkerchiefs Mechanical "Pull" for Vanishing a Handkerchief The Flying Handkerchief Brass Tube to Produce, Vanish, or Change a Handkerchief Disappearing Handkerchiefs Handkerchief from Tissue Paper The New Cylinder and Handkerchief Trick The Handkerchief Burned and Restored Chapter V. Tricks With Balls Creation, Multiplication, and Annihilation of Billiard Balls Billiard Balls and Basins Colour-Changing Billiard Balls The Diminishing Billiard Balls The Handkerchief Ball The Dissolving Billiard Ball Fancy Sleight with a Small Ball Rouge et Noir Ball, Handkerchief, and Tumbler Chapter VI. Hat Tricks Hat Productions Loading The Magnetized Hat To Produce a Number of Eggs from a Hat Held Crown Upward The Hat Incubator Chapter VII. Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks The Climbing Ring The Mysterious Name The Spirit Calculator A New Postal Trick New Slate Tricks The Spirit Handkerchief The Mysterious Communication The Great Dictionary Trick (New Method) Long-Distance Second Sight Chapter VIII. After Dinner Tricks Introduction The Chinese Cross The Floating Metal Disc The Balanced Coins Mutilated Cigarette Paper To Read the Whole of the Cards in a Pack just Shuffled (New Method) Balancing Feats Walnut Shells and Pea The Restored Cut The Garter Trick Chapter IX. Miscellaneous Tricks Flash Paper A New Fire Flash Conjurer's Ammunition Smoke from Two Empty Pipes Fire-Eating Trick Exploding Soap-Bubbles The Tube and Ball The Ubiquitous Thimble The Multiplying Wand The Mysterious Tambourine The Bran and Dove Plates The Wandering Stout A Crystal Water Mystery The Wizard's Breakfast The Hydrostatic Tube The Hydrostatic Tumbler Watch, Glass, and Handkerchief Paper Cone, Watch, Rabbit, and Boxes The Magical Production of Flowers Magic Incubation The Wizard's Omelette The Wonderful Production of Ribbons at the Finger-Tips Japanese Bird Vanish
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