Volume One Basic Professional Close Up Magic Amazing Impact - Capture and entertain the audience - Easy to do commercial magic - Operate in tough conditions - Tips and advice to start ROUTINES Hermes One Coin Routine Hallucinations Ghost Watch Out Bonneteau Hierling ATM Flash Card Crossed Cig Clean Cards Coin Glass Voile Rouge Traveler Sponge Flash Deck Snow Ball Napkin Bite Me THEORY Introduction The Job Working Conditions Stand Up Magic The Routines The Acts Finding A Restaurant Adaptation With The Staff The Maitre D' Approaching Techniques When To Perform Performing At The Tables The Leader The Opening Trick The Effect Of Surprise The Refusal BONUS - Making Of - Short Movie (Grand Prix Las Vegas AOI Film Fest) - Galleries Photos - Zakary Belamy - Teaser Running Time Approximately 2hr 26min
The Real Secrets of Magic Volume 1  and  2  by David Stone - DVD DOWNLOAD
Volume 2 Make A Living With Close Up Magic. More Tips & Advice - Manage The Audience - Guarantee Your Tips - Resell Yourself After Each Show ROUTINES French Kiss Sam Card Cash Card Cigcoin Duncan Reset Mulberry Misglass cocOOn Billswitch Ringbox Sousbock William Guess Card Encore THEORY The Breach Of The Table Behavior At The Table Getting Applause Table Timing Audience Management Predictable Reactions Unpredictable Reactions Tips Getting Tips Tips' Accessories Your Exit Business Cards Conclusion BONUS - Documentary 24 Days To Build An Act For The World Magic Championships - Making Of - Photo Gallery - Teasers Running Time Approximately 1hr 43min
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