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Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck. Two Volumes 145 pages, These two booklets contain over 100 different tricks that can be performed with a special deck of cards. The cards can be obtained from The Wonder Magic Factory
Wild Card Miracles. By Frank Garcia.  These two volumes contain 148 pages,  with 35 routines   fully illustrated. The Wild Card Package can be obtained from The
The New Magicians Manual.  Here is a magic book that's more than just a book on magic. It has pages that can be cut- out to make apparatus for actual tricks, as well as complete instructions for these and other tricks-a total of 36 tricks fully explained and illustrated. Step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the effect that the trick will produce, the method of doing the trick and the presentation of the trick before an audience.
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Revolutionary Coin Technique by Giacomo Bertini These videos reveal a revolutionary and superior system of coin manipulation, which has been applied to five classic routines. In addition you will find a collection of utility sleights that are destined to raise the bar and change coin magic forever. The material taught is not for beginners, but if you are already an accomplished coin worker, you will quickly realize your purchase is worth far more then the asking price of these movies
Conjuring for Amateurs; a Practical Treatise on How to Perform Modern Tricks By PROF. ELLIS STANYON This text contains a practical treatise on how to perform a range of baffling and entertaining magic tricks, written with the amateur in mind. Complete with clear, concise instructions and helpful illustrations, this text is ideal for the novice magician and may also be of value to those with more experience who are interested in expanding their magical repertoire The chapters of this book include: Introduction, Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Small Objects, Tricks with Coins, Tricks with Handkerchiefs, Tricks with Balls, Hat Tricks, Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks, Miscellaneous Tricks, Paper-Folding, and Concluding Observations. This antique book has been chosen for modern republication due to the timelessness of its contents, and we are proud to republish it here complete with a new introduction on magic tricks.
The Chinese Linking Rings. A 30 page PDF with links to demonstrations
The Art of Modern Magic Originally published in 1886, ` 'this classic book of magic has been the guide of choice for aspiring f magicians for over a century THE ART OF MODERN CONJURING contains easy-to-follow instructions for more than 125 captivating tricks, progressing from simple card illusions to seemingly impossible feats of magic.  Enhanced by beautiful vintage engravings, this book-and a little practice-is all a wizard needs to learn the thrilling art of magic.   Over 200 pages fully illustrated Three Volumes of pure delight
In the recent years, the classic snowstorm effect ha gained more and more popularity. We thought it was time to explain, in depth, one of magic’s best kept secrets. This book is a complete explanation of the Classic Snowstorm including tips, suggestions and ideas to help bring a new light on this stunning effect. If you use this book you will have all the tools necessary to place your own stamp of originality on a classic effect. 
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