You will get 1 x Gimmick Set 1 x Instruction Sheet Description Impossible! And impossibly EASY TO DO! Like tricks with dice? This one's really different! And it's super easy- if you can roll a die, you can do this trick! It happens fast! Show the box filled with six dice, which you have placed so that each one shows a different number from one dot to six dots. Put the cover on the box, and let the magic begin! Using a seventh die, roll that die. Place the die on top of the box, give a magical snap of the fingers and-presto! When you lift the cover of the box, all of the dice have changed to the number you rolled! So very easy- NO SKILL REQUIRED! It's automatic! This wonderful trick has been off the market for several decades, and it was one of our favorites. We're so glad it's back and available to you again. Best of all, it's now made of heavy duty Lucite for years of troublefree use!
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