Fire Wallet
Top Quality leather Wallet Flint operated comes with DVD.  Normally $38 USA Sale price  $28 USA Inc Post in Australia.  Worldwide $38 USA inc post
Huge Flame-  This wallet has the maximum flame for the wallet, and has an ignition mechanism that will light every time. Durable-  The Official Flame Wallet will last for thousands of performances, and be functional for everyday use. Looks ABSOLUTELY normal.  This wallet can be can be used as your everyday wallet and can burst into flames at a moments notice. Easy to Do & Learn- You will be able to perform this miracle within MINUTES of getting the product.
This wallet comes with everything you need to get started, just fill it up with your credit cards, money, and a Drivers Licence and you are ready to go. It is safe, but uses real flame.
Seller The Magic Wonder Factory.
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Purchasing Options
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