Coin Thru Glass A baffling trick that anybody can do, Ideal for people starting out in the art of magic, little skill required, ideal to perform at a dinner party or at the bar over a round of drinks. A coin seems to penetrate through a solid glass, Click the glass to see demonstration
Module One  - Easy Tricks to get you going
Crystal Box A shiny ball is placed into the Crystal Box and covered with the lid. A silk handkerchief is draped over the box only for a moment. When the silk is lifted away, the ball has vanished.
The Wonder Magic Factory
The Wonder Stick
A paddle that is made from 100% dry erase board. Whatever you write or draw on the paddle can immediately be wiped clean with your fingers. Draw anything on the paddle, transform it and then wipe it all clean in one swipe of the fingers. Wonder Stick allows you to perform almost any paddle one paddle! 
DIZZY DICE This lovely little trick comes with the Wonder Magic Factory “ Learn Magic “ Training course. It is a fine trick for beginners to learn it uses the magicians finest weapon  Misdirection . It might look like a toy trick, but in reality this minor miracle will have an amazing effect on spectators, and will  remain in their memory  for a long time.