Module 2 - Misdirection
As a magician, you must learn how magicians use misdirection to make sure your spectators don’t see the things you do not want them to see. It’s not about hiding moves. It’s not about turning your back while you do a suspicious half pass; it’s about controlling audience attention so that when you are going to make a move, the audience is not only focused somewhere else, but they don’t even suspect you are doing anything. It is about making sure that suspicion doesn’t even cross your spectator’s mind. ‘A sleight is not perfect when the spectators are unable to tell what you’re doing. Only when they’re completely unaware that you did anything at all, will they experience magic.’ 
Take a look at Slydini performing a routine that uses misdirection at its best Understanding Misdirection  a wonderful pdf booklet comes with this module
Magic with Sponge Balls
Learn to do magic with those little red sponge balls, included is 4 sponge balls, an on line video with instructions for use. We also include a video Download  that helps you to construct a complete act using sponge balls. The Sanada gimmick can be purchased from the magic factory,  see our special offers for a 50% discount.
The Wonder Magic Factory
Coin Magic requires skills that depend on misdirection to compliment the clever moves and manipulation of the coins to fool the spectators. For a  guide to some basic moves watch this video you can buy special gimmicked coins from the Wonder Magic Factory