I am a huge fan of Duplicity. I prefer it to Twisted Sisters because everything is examinable. I prefer it to B'wave because it suggests stronger interaction between performer and spectator, as each is holding a packet of 4 cards and the spectator is determining what is happening to the cards in the performer's hand. And I love the multiple surprises at the end of Duplicity. The first surprise is the same as B'wave, the second is a transposition of cards that have only been thought of, and then there's the blank cards kicker at the end. This trick kills for me every single time I perform it. This DVD goes into exceptional depth on magician’s choice and multiple outcomes. Some have said that there are too many similar routines and that that weakened the DVD. I disagree. Magician’s choice and multiple outcomes are the life’s blood of mentalism and this DVD is the master course. Many times people have a difficult time extrapolating the information they have learned into new areas allowing them to create their own routines.
Multiplicity by Max Maven.
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Master Course for Equivoque and Multiple Outcomes