The Memory Test  Suitable for Corporate presentations, Libraries and Schools. Lasts about 12 minuets. This demonstration takes quite some time to learn, you need confidence to perform. If ever you perform at a retirement home, this demonstration kills them
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Please do not think this is to difficult for you. The demonstration by Richard Osterlind  is before an invited audience of magicians, the items they picked are much more difficult than the items you will come across, you should work from left to right amongst the audience, thus when item six is  asked for you will know where or in the general direction of where the person choosing the item is seated. You can narrow the items by asking for a specific item, for instance “ name any item you would find on a dinner table”. or “name any item that you would find in a bedroom”  or any item you would find on a car, the list is endless. Try  this yourself, firstly limit yourself to 10 items, you will find it easy. The Link items “ One is a Gun Two is a Shoe can be changed to your liking, for instance One is a Bun Two is Glue, but do this  immediately do not learn one list then change. You will find that you will soon gt the hang of  constructing ridiculous scenarios. For  instance One is a gun, the item a dinner plate, you think of dinners throwing plates into the air and the waiter shooting them like clay pigeons with a Gun,  Give it a go