Our Presentations
Company Motivation
Throughout  the presentation  your  message is delivered! The topic can be team work, goals, diversity, leadership, a product or anything specific to your needs. The message is customized to your event. This is great for team events, sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, education events, business lunches and more! Depending on the event these presentations  are from 30 minutes to an hour. This is great for 5 people to 105 and more! (Trade shows are more hours of multiple shows!) Give your employee's an amazing learning experience with Motivational Magic  magic as a method to improve public speaking and communication skills, is very effective. You can encourage people by giving them the ability to see the world in a new way – making the impossible, possible!
Magic can  be successfully employed as a means of introducing positive effect, developing social skills, enhancing fine motor skills, and increasing attention span. Magic is also well suited for use in object lessons and as an aid in mutual story telling.  
Magic improves self esteem it  develops acting skills Magic is a performance art. OK, it’s practiced in private, but has to be performed to other people. Children learn about presentation, performance, and timing just like an actor. They learn to make eye contact with spectators, how to project their voice, develop a character and understand how people think. Unlike playing computer games, magic encourages children to interact with their friends and family. Magic can make a child more socially aware. Magic encouraged children to look at issues from other people’s perspectives. I Your child learns a skill designed to be performed, just as much as the quiet practice required to develop it. A child that can perform a few amazing tricks has a perfect ‘ice- breaker’ and soon gets a reputation as an entertainer.  New friendships develop and with magic clubs in most large towns and cities a social community opens up to them
Cruise Ships
A cruise liner most probably has a major magic act. Think how much more  useful it would be if that magician could offer Motivational magic.  This could be a valuable addition to the ships activities. Magic does not have to be all about performance, A session could be held in a more intimate venue covering such subjects as “Improve your memory using Magic”. “ Improve your communication skills”  “Learn simple tricks to entertain your friends” and much more. For younger passengers, just look at our schools motivational presentations  bring.  It really makes sense to  use a multi tasking magician on board.
Our presenters can  adapt their presentation to motivate people both young and old to learn how to perform magic. The seminars can start at a simple introductory level climbing to more advanced levels. Books are an important source of information on the art of magic, we have an extensive PDF collection of books covering all aspects of magic that participants of the seminars would have  unlimited access to.
Our presenters can tailor the Magic Seminars to suit your needs, depending on the amount of time involved there would be an extra charge.   The library and schools presentations may require you to have Audio Visual facilities. Participants are given access to our On Line Resources that enable them to continue benefiting from what they have learned.