OUTLAW - The Ultimate Card Trick Featuring Kris Nevling $15 USA with downloadable video Magic this intense only appears once in a hundred years. Outlaw happens right before your very eyes. Watch as aces transform into blank cards and then back again... Outlaw will have an ending you will never forget. This multi-phase routine is explained in detail step-by-step with the training course included. Watch, learn and become the magic with Outlaw. Bicycle Cards Included With Instructional Training - Everything You Will Need To Do The Magic! Historical Significance In Magic: This effect has evolved from Pick It Out which was created by: Theodore DeLand (1873-1931). Additionally inspired by The Three Card Trick With Four Cards by Joe Riding (1932-2005) & the Sidewalk Shuffle by Martin Lewis. Although influenced by great ideas in magic's past, we believe the special design of this packet trick along with the presented routine are original.
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From The Wonder Magic Factory