Comes with Roughing Stick sample - enough to make countless gaff decks & gimmicked packet tricks. Learn everything you need to know about 'roughing' playing cards. Make your own gaff decks and gimmicks. Roughing - a secret process that allows playing cards to lock and unlock together in pairs completely at your will. Lawrence Turner knows a thing or two about 'roughing'. With over 10 years of experience, and a wildly successful lecture programme dedicated to the art of roughing cards, he is the 'go to guy' for all things rough 'n smooth. On this project Lawrence will arm you with everything you need to know to become a true expert in this essential skill. With Lawrence's clearly taught techniques under your belt you will never have to buy a roughed deck or gimmick again. Using the supplied special 'roughing stick' you'll be able to construct your very own Invisible, Brainwave, Super Nude, Forcing and Pop-Eyed Popper Decks in minutes. You'll also get the inside scoop on some of Lawrence's uber improvements to the age old classic gaffed decks - adding new displays and convincers that will take your magic to another level. LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN: Invisible Deck - ANY named card appears face down in the deck Brainwave Deck - ANY named card appears face down in the deck and has a different coloured back! Pop-eyed Popper Deck - whatever card they take, it's ALWAYS the one you want! Dealable Pop-eyed Popper Deck - like above but DEALABLE! Super Nude Deck - the cards are blank on the face and the back. And then THEY'RE NOT! Simple Forcing Deck - force a word, a value or anything you can think of! AND EVEN MORE POWERFUL WEAPONS LIKE: Turbo Invisible Deck - An Invisible / Brainwave style deck that can be spread, fanned, riffled and dribbled to show both faces and backs. KK Invisible Deck - An invisible deck that allows you to show all of the cards BACKS! Advanced Forcing Deck - taking your forces to another level. DNF Deck - awesome tool for practicing card flourishes and XCM TECHNIQUES: Introduction Roughing product options Roughing a pair of cards How to handle roughed cards Roughing a single card Roughing a triple How to SPOT rough cards How to SUPER rough cards Handling SUPER rough cards Roughed cards as a keycard The Svengali Principle Corner Shorting your decks Pencil Dotting your decks USING A SPRAY: Introduction to roughing spray How to spray the cards Drying Times How to SPOT rough with spray How to SUPER rough with spray And then Lawrence will even show you how to make (in real time) your own Invisible Deck. 5 minutes and you're done!
The Rough and Smooth Project Video Download  and Roughing Stick by Lawrence Turner $24 including post worldwide