Slashed (Prop and video download by Scott Alexander Scott Alexander has done it again! We’re proud to announce the release of Scott’s latest masterpiece "Slashed. "Simply the best Cut and Restored Rope Routine for stand-up work ever created! Slashed is extremely visual! Slashed is hilarious! Slashed will save you money! Over the centuries there have been many fine solutions for performing the classic Cut and Restored Rope trick. There are a lot of goods ones out there. Some are extremely visual, but not convincing. Some are convincing but just not practical. None have been perfect...until now. Think about it. Most C & R routines suffer from problems from a professional point of view. They usually fall into one of two categories. Category 1: The performer really does cut the rope. In all of the routines I’ve seen where the audience sees the rope actually getting cut there are strengths and weaknesses to this method. The only real strength is that the cutting is convincing! But as always, there is a price to pay. If you’re CUTTING rope that certainly means that you’re always BUYING rope. You have to get it and PAY for it over and over and over. The reason is simple. You are destroying rope during every performance! So as a professional you always have to stay on top of your supply. And what always happens? You go to the magic store the day of your show to pick up yet another bundle at $24.95 and OH, MY GOD...they don’t have any! Anybody who does a real cut version of the trick knows what I’m talking about. Another problem is you have to carry the bundle with you in your case because you always need MORE! And a BUNDLE OF ROPE IS HEAVY! It also takes up a lot of space in your case. Each performance basically ruins many feet of rope so you’ve got to bring it with you. I have three pet peeves when I watch C & R rope routines. Here’s the first two. Most of the routines are multiphase routines where the rope is cut a bunch of times. Perhaps I should say too many times. You know what I mean: 37 phases over and over again. While too many phases create a terrible routine in my mind, almost all C & R routines where the rope really gets cut actually make the rope shorter with each phase. So the rope gets shorter, and shorter and shorter until it’s so short Stevie Wonder would pick up on the tell. Category 2: The performer doesn’t really cut the rope. This is my third pet peeve. I absolutely HATE watching a magician cut a piece of rope with his "magic finger scissors!" Many magicians think this is convincing. I think not! It may be OK for an audience of children that are four but to me that’s the limit. Sorry, it’s just not convincing. You might as well be a MIME! So a few years ago Scott and I were talking about Cut and Restored Rope routines and I told him basically what I just shared with you. Scott showed me an absolutely great idea. We fooled around with it for a couple of weeks and "Slashed" was born. Well to be honest, not the entire routine but the method and handling. To give credit where credit is due I helped Scott perfect one move so it’s really 98% his. I wish I could take more credit because "Slashed" is sensational! Scott took the routine with him to the "Pride Of America," a Hawaiian based cruise ship where he has a multi-year contract and worked up the routine. Basically Scott polished the routine over a period of a couple of months in front of 1000 people at a time! It’s done, polished to perfection! So exactly what is "Slashed?" If you perform magic on stage it’s your new, best friend! Why? Because "Slashed" has it all. It’s the perfect professional solution to the classic Cut & Restored Rope plot. All of the inherent problems with C & R Rope routines have been solved and the solutions are wonderful. Every detail has been ironed out. "Slashed" is an incredible gaffed rope and gaffed Box Cutter that puts the perfect professional solution in your hands. It has it all. A totally realistic cut, miraculous restorations, instant reset, packs flat plays huge, and it’s all combined with professional presentations. In fact included with "Slashed" are two different styles of performance. Routine 1: Hilarious Comedy This routine was filmed during a live show before 1000 people on the "Pride Of America". It’s Scott’s comedy presentation. It’s really funny. The jokes are all there, the laughs are all real. Eight full minutes of entertainment that you can drop into virtually any magic show. Routine 2: Silent To Music This is a silent presentation that’s performed to music. Even though it’s the exact same handling the feel of the routine is totally different. Since the jokes are not in place the length of the routine is much shorter, three minutes. But the routine is still stunning. Without the comedy "Slashed" becomes even more visual because the magic moments are closer together. The music was professionally created specifically for "Slashed" so the music fits the performance perfectly. It’s very dynamic and the best part is it’s Royalty Free! No doubt the silent version of "Slashed" will certainly be used by most of the working illusionists. It’s also perfect if you have a show for an audience that doesn’t speak English or your native language. The routine is exactly the same for both presentations so once you’ve mastered the handling you can instantly perform either routine. Slashed is totally self-contained. You get everything you need in the kit. The training video covers each aspect of Slashed in incredible detail. The effect to the audience is simple and clear. There are only three clearly defined phases but they are all blockbusters! Skill level is extremely easy. It’s hard to believe a routine this visually stunning could possibly be this easy to do. If you call yourself a magician you can do this routine well. Slashed has an instant reset. You do nothing and it’s always ready to go. Set-up time is none, zilch, nada! The rope is extremely high quality cotton rope. Very flexible for ease of handling and a non-reflective white that’s perfect for stage lighting. Slashed has been designed for Stage, Stand-up, or Parlor performances... The gaffs are incredibly well made by hand and invisible to the audience from 7 feet in bright light. A little less light and you can move closer. The handling keeps the gaff hidden except for one moment through a well thought out choreography. It’s extremely diabolical. During the routine the rope is examined by members of the audience. That’s right you put the gaffs right in their hands and they have absolutely no idea. What a convincer! No need to purchase more rope after each performance. In the short run Slashed will save you a lot of money Slashed is always ready when you need to perform. No Reset Required
$75 USA Inc Post 50% discount for Motivational Magic Presenters