In the recent years, the classic snowstorm effect ha gained more and more popularity. We thought it was time to explain, in depth, one of magic’s best kept secrets. This book is a complete explanation of the Classic Snowstorm including tips, suggestions and ideas to help bring a new light on this stunning effect. If you use this book you will have all the tools necessary to place your own stamp of originality on a classic effect.  Larry Maples & Raven are full time working _professionals who perform for cruise lines and resorts all_over the world. In 1989, they released The Ultimate Snowstorm. This was the first pre made banded snowstorm load made in the United States, Today, their Ultimate Snowstorm is used by professionals all over the world and is a staple product in the lines of the most prestigious magic shops.  The book contains explanations of:   5 Different Gimmicks   10 Methods for Stealing the Load   6 Methods for Disposing of the Evidence   Tips on Lighting basic Fanning Techniques   Types of Fans and Where to Get Them   Complete Explanation of the Classic Snowstorm with12 Routines and More!
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