These prices are only available to purchasers of the Wonder Magic Factory  Learning Magic Course
Pen Thru Bill  $12 USA Inc Post Worldwide
Pen Thru Bill.  Use this in conjunction with your supplied Bill Slasher, you will have two tricks that can be performed  whenever somebody says “ Show us a trick”.  These tricks are regularly performed by professional magicians, so do not under rate them
Parabox You will get Paradox a Tenyo Magic Trick If you purchased through another magic store you could be paying much more
Parabox  $18 USA Inc worldwide post
As a thank you for your participation this course we are offering special deals on a range of superb magic effects.
Fire Wallet. Open up the wallet and flames of fire engulf the wallet. Ideal for magicians performing restaurant magic, Pretend somebody has lost a wallet and ask a table of diners if it belongs to anybody. Open it and it bursts into flames,  A great way to introduce yourself as a magician. Includes a DVD. Leather wallet with flint ignition  $24 USA Inc worldwide post
SICK 11 No Gaff coin routines.  Half Price offer This is the coin magic video that garnered so much underground buzz that it didn't just break through -- it exploded onto the magic scene. Ponta the Smith, a rising sensation in close-up magic from Osaka, Japan, is here to raise the bar in the world of coin handling. He makes coins smoothly disappear, reappear and change right in front of spectators' noses. His efficient, elegant moves make metal look like vapor. Prepare to look at coin magic differently. HALF PRICE $14 USA Inc Worldwide Post.