Give the gift of magic In an age of video games, cable TV and the Internet, it’s never been more important to encourage kids to unplug themselves and experience a real childhood Magic improves self esteem Magic develops acting skill It helps develop lateral thinking Improved dexterity Magic can make a child more socially aware. It’s a great way to financial independence
Vouchers Cost $68 USA  you are only invoiced when the voucher has been redeemed by whoever you gifted it to. The voucher gives a present  of magic that  saves  $12  USA on the listed price of 3 complete lessons and equipment
Your option are for us to mail you a voucher or vouchers or you can print the vouchers yourself  Only Pay when voucher is redeemed
Your Gift provides PDF books Video Downloads and tricks that if purchased through a magic shop would cost over $300 Please view our PDF Book “Why Magic” for details of the benefits of choosing Magic as a hobby
To see what the program covers download the PDF full details of all the magic  is included
Vouchers are available in many currencies Australian Dollars. UK Sterling. USA Dollars. Singaporean Dollars. Indian Rupees.  Euro’s
You can order vouchers in your currency up to 25 vouchers, these will come with a unique reference number.  YOU ARE NOT CHARGED  You act as retailer and market the vouchers. When your customer redeems the voucher we will  invoice you for the amount on the voucher less your commission of 25%  If you stock the magic and deliver to your customers, we will give you 35% commission. To achieve this, you must stock  five complete courses stock at  minimum $150 USA.  Postage = $9 Australia Dollars in Australia.  $15 USA Dollars Worldwide. Over $150 Post free. All payments must be made within 48 hrs. of receiving a papal invoice. We do not post items to your customers until  you have made payment
Click Here to see all international voucher prices
To be entitled to receive free vouchers we need to establish that you are a working magician before filling in the form below. e mail us with details of your web site and paypal details, we will deposit a small sum into your account, that you must verify the receipt of.