The Wonder Magic Factory Fake Deck $25 USA Inc Post Worldwide Each Fake Deck contains the following cards: 3 Double Back - red 3 Double Back - blue 8 Double Face 16 Blank Back 8 Blank Face - red back 8 Blank Face - blue back 8 Double Blank
The Wonder Magic Factory
A LITTLE HISTORY The Wonder Magic Factory Fake Deck DOUBLE BACK CARDS Two Card Monte Turn It Over Over and Over Aces Change! An Ambitious Card Insto - Transpo Will Power Follow Me Double Prediction RED/BLUE DOUBLE BACK CARDS Chameleon Backs Remote Control
All the cards you will need for the following tricks. in our free book Twenty Five Tricks Using  Special Cards
Quick Transposition DOUBLE FACE CARDS Pocket Change Aldini’s Prediction It’s Vanished! Cagliostro Cards Hardin’s Cards Germains Card Change Double Whammy BLANK CARDS You’re Out of Cards Two-Way Discovery Black Brand Four Blacks My P-E T Card Trick