Your a Genius  PDF Download
Suitable  for schools and corporate presentations. Lasts about 7 minuets This maths trick, is entertaining and baffling. Making Maths fun will really endure you to students, probably not suitable for children under 6, but up to any age. Try some genius jokes The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot; the guy who invented the other three… he was a genius. We suggest you follow this demonstration with a magic square demonstration
Click here for the book test “Add On” for the Genius Maths demonstration. Important  the number must be a three digit number with all the digits different, for instance 123 not 122 and  from  -  1 to 9 only. This rule applies for the Genius maths demonstration.  We suggest you get three different spectators to supply a single number each to make up the three digit number for  the presentation.